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One of the most appreciated ebook, presented by Bob Katz!

Russ Hughes ( “We took a look at it and were impressed by the care and attention to detail.

Mike Thornton, Sound on Sound Pro Tools columnist and deputy editor of Pro Tools Expert: “I did appreciate the book, even as a long standing Pro Tools user I found a number of useful features, not least of which the comparison between all the different types of Pro Tools.” et cetera!

An enthusiast reader: “Thanks for your book! The more you read it the more it makes sense. I found it very densely packed with info the first read through but I am relatively new to Pro Tools and so have a lot to learn. I just wanted to say thank you for recognising the need for people to learn this product and also for having a very good attempt at reducing the key information into something so detailed concise and genuinely useful. I recommend your book and thank you.”

A new ebook that introduce you to Pro Tools:

Pro Tools in One Hour (coffee break included)”.

It was first released in italian but has now been professionally translated into English.

This clear and concise guide takes the reader by the hand through the first steps in the use of Pro Tools, the audio system born over ten years ago and adopted by some of the best professionals worldwide.

The title (stopwatch in hand) is accurate for those who can’t wait to get stuck into their new software. However, this guidebook is crammed full of so many theoretical and practical tips, tricks, and points to explore at leisure that you are sure to enjoy many hours (and cups of coffee) poring over these pages.

This is an essential reference tool for anyone taking Pro Tools for a quick test drive and will be cherished by everyone who is on the road to becoming a better sound engineer.

The author is a film sound engineer (AES, AIFM). The book was translated by Federica Lang and Andrew Cartwright. Foreword to the original version by Bob Katz (

Available from Amazon for your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, running Kindle. Paper version also available!

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